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Surface Visualization & Try-Out AR Apps

Mobile Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android to virtually visualize any surface like wall paint, tile, granite, carpet, wall texture, wood, carpet etc.; from array of options available to user from a given retailer catalog .With our approach we can virtualize any surface catalog of a retailer as a branded App so that home user or architect or interior designer can virtually try out and see how it looks on the the surface that is being upgraded from different options available from the retailer catalog right at the home or office. Our Apps innovative feature allows user to scale the virtualized surface in horizontal direction or vertical direction or both directions to fill the entire area. This gives the user a virtual look of new surface on the current surface and ability scale according to the form factor of the surface.

TryPaint AR app

First released App from our TrySurface AR family

Android app on Google Play

Download the App for iPad/iPhone:

Will be released soon