•  Scott Brinker- Chief Marketing Technologist Blog titled:
    "5 Meta trends underlying all most all of modern marketing", Oct 22nd, 2012, Scott Brinker, Editor stated: "Not every marketer needs to be a software developer, but every marketing organization must become software-savvy. The choice of which marketing software to adopt and creative ideas for how to use it are powerful sources of differentiation and competitive advantage. Good marketing management now incorporates good technology management too."
  •  Juniper - In Juniper Report titled:
    "Augmented Reality for Mobile Apps, Nov 6th, 2012", Rebecca Holman, Marketing Executive stated: "Many retailers now perceive AR as a key means of increasing engagement with consumers, both as a means of providing additional product information or in the form of branded virtual games and activities. More than 2.5 billion AR apps [are] to be downloaded to smartphones and tablets per annum by 2017, with games accounting for the largest share of downloads."
  •  Forrester - In Forrester report titled:
    "2013 Mobile Trends for Marketers, Feb 14, 2013", Thomas Husson, VP, Principal Analyst stated: "Advanced Marketers Will Integrate Mobile into a Multiyear Strategic Vision. Mobile platforms will act as a catalyst for the next generation of connected experiences. In particular, smart apps connected to products and CRM systems will emerge. In 2013, leading marketers will anticipate the longer-term mobile disruption and shift from tactical efforts to more transformative mobile strategies."