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Mobile App Development for Android and iOS – RightSlope Method

While each mobile App has its own set of unique development requirements and challenges, for most of the projects the project manager will also follow the tested project management approach routinely, as outlined below to streamline the process of app development. This process ensures that your project is developed on time, in budget, and within scope. Working through each phase of development from defining a scope of work to rigorous testing and app deployment, project managers are well versed in making sure our projects finish on time, in budget, and within scope.

Before we even submit a proposal, we ask the proper questions to understand exactly what the app needs to do, what features need to be incorporated, and what our client’s NEED versus what they WANT. Once we have an understanding of your app, we provide a detailed proposal, outlining exactly what needs to be built, and what services we need to provide.

Some of the major advantages working with RightSlope to develop your mobile apps include working with very knowledgeable software engineers with marketing acumen and fixed price quotes. The proposal that you receive is what you will be billed for, barring any major changes to the project’s scope.

Mobile App Development Steps

  • • App Design
  • • App Migration
  • • App Development & Integration
  • • Vigorous Testing (We literally try to break the App)
  • • Submitting the App to the Marketplace
  • • Update & Maintenance

Project Management Approach

  • • Define
  • • Design
  • • Develop
  • • Deliver

Android Apps

Mobile Apps for the Android platform are developed either by starting with an idea from scratch or by migrating an existing iPhone or web App to the Android. Our approach to develop an Android App will use similar project management approach that we use for building websites, web-Apps, and other mobile phone Apps. We help our clients define their concept for the App, design the user interface and backend database, develop and test the app using the available API tools and Java programming language and then finally launch the app.

iOS App Development for iPhone/iPad

Our developers are well-versed in Xcode, Cocoa Touch, and Objective C, the main development languages for iOS iPhone and iPad Apps. Through our intimate knowledge of these languages we are able to provide the core functionality needed to develop your App in a quick and efficient manner.

iPhone App development: Common Features

  • • Unlimited Image Scrolling
  • • GPS Tracking
  • • Accelerometer
  • • Touch Screen Utilization
  • • Push Notifications
  • • Text, Web, and E-mail Integration
  • • Social Media Integration
  • • Picture & Video Taking/Manipulation
  • • Database Synching
  • • Web Services

iPad App Development

iPadApps can be developed as a standalone app or can be migrated from an existing iPhone app.Our developers are very skilled in utilizing much of the source code that is already developed for one platform for other cross-platform development to shorten development time and costs. Many of the Apps that we build for iPhone can be easily transposed to iPad. Our team of skilled designers and developers can help you with:

  • • iPad App Design
  • • iPad App Development
  • • iPad App Wireframes
  • • iPad App Migration
  • • Update& Maintenance

Ultimately, our Mobile App Development Process supports our clients through all the various steps of design, development and deployment at a fixed price quote.