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Database Engineer


Merge data from disparate marketing sources and porting into a SQL database environment with primary goal to ease future data analysis work. The database will be hosted in a multi tenant cloud environment The role involves routine updating of new data and checking user feedback for errors and new data sources.

Job description:

  • •  Import and export data as required using the administrative tools or SQL
  • •  Develop new methods/ways of extracting, analyzing, modifying, cleaning, loading and presenting data based on newly developing requests. Use of SQL, MS Access, MS Excel and data cleansing tools required.
  • •  Coordinate all administrative functions within database (datafields, choice lists, indexing, classifications, etc.)
  • •  Coordinate all database version changes/upgrades
  • •  Track and report all system/process issues; work/follow until resolved
  • •  Monitor and troubleshoot user feedback
  • •  Develop and deploy database query scripts
  • •  QA database products

Desired Skills & Experience

  • •  3+ years experience working extensively with SQL, including the ability to write, analyze, and debug queries.
  • •  Experience with Data Warehouse design, ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Load), architecting efficient software designs
  • •  Experienced implementing data warehouses using in MySQL
  • •  SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) - Manipulating Data
    • o Initial data will be in excel files .csv files. SSIS will be utilized as ETL (extract transform load) tool to extract data from various database sources, manipulate/merge the data and store it in new tables in SQL platform.
  • •  Strong familiarity with data warehouse best practices.
  • •  Knowledge of database modeling and design in a data warehousing content.
  • •  Proficiency in scripting languages (Shell, Python, Perl).
  • •  Ability to work in a team environment, interacting with multiple groups on a daily basis (very strong communication skills).
  • •  Ability to efficiently QA your own work to ensure that processes you built generate high quality output.
  • •  Experience working with Web Technologies (i.e java, xml, cookies, tomcat, php, etc)